Tuesday, October 27, 2020

FilkCast Episode 68 October 28, 2020


  1. I just caught up on FilkCast, listening to about fifteen episodes in under two days. So it was my background for my attempts to get all my goals done by the end of the week. Thanks for this quality podcast, Eric and Lizzie! It's lovely and very smooth, and Eric is clearly a very sweet guy, always being positive about all the music and artists.

    I should mention that the last song of one of the episodes in the 50s, "Any Light at All" by Two Tonic, really had an effect on me. The song was moving on its own, but then I imagined a couple of characters in a novel series I've been writing singing it to each other, and it fit really well... and then I imagined that song being used as a theme through a series of movies based on the novels, and the last instance of the song was one character singing it in her own unconscious mind just before her death, saying goodbye to her love... and as the various forms of light washed away, leaving her in blackness, I cried and cried a bunch. It was a good kind of cry. So... I may have to buy that album.


FilkCast Episode 251, May 22, 2024