Wednesday, October 23, 2019

FilkCast Episode 26 Oct 23 2019


  1. Looks like atypo up there. You list the group as Atrisoni, which made me (as a linguist) wonder what the name meant or was connected to; but their Bandcamp URL says Astrisoni, which I'm sure is for "sound of the stars.

    1. There is no typo! There is an S in there ... really ... you just missed it the first time!

      (never trust my typing, thanks!)

      The funny bit, I remember looking at it thinking "that wasn't the way I said it on the podcast" but it was too late to go back in and change it. Good thing.

  2. Another great episode. Thanks! I must say that I agree 100% with your description of Dr. Stephen Baird's song writing. I can't tell you how much it gives me pleasure to hear someone else enjoying it. My friends just don't get the same pleasure out of wonderful song writing on science and science fiction/fantasy themes as I do. It's been a lonely world (in that regard), until now.

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    [FilkCast] New comment on FilkCast Episode 26 Oct 23 2019.

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    1. They get posted, and Blogspot tends to take them down quickly. I have had 4 or 5 in the last week or so, and they were gone by the time I got there to delete them.

  4. There was an especially nasty one purporting to sell hacked cards to rob ATMs.

  5. I've now started approving all comments first. One day spammers commented on every post I had done. Fortunately Blogspot makes them easy to get rid of.


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