Tuesday, November 10, 2020

FilkCast Episode 70 November 11, 2020


  1. I enjoy FilkCast and try to catch it every week, and am slowly catching up on earlier episodes. But in this week's announcement...

    "One of these things is not like the others,"
    One of these things is just plain wrong:
    Joseph Abbott Live
    Tuesday 7 pm CDT / midnight UTC

    Bryan Baker Live
    Saturday 2pm Central

    Cheshire Moon Live
    8:00 pm Central Standard Time

    Every part of the US that observes Daylight Saving Time "fell back" to Standard Time at 2am on November 1 this year. Cheshire Moon's listing at "8:00 pm Central Standard Time" is fine, as is Brian Baker's "2pm Central" (i.e., 2pm in the Central zone in whatever type of time we're all using on that date).
    But Joseph Abbott's shouldn't say "7 pm CDT", but either "CST" or just "CT". His "midnight UTC" would correspond to Central 7pm if we were still on Daylight Saving Time, but nobody can tell from just that entry whether his UTC time is supposed to be midnight (e.g., if that time is from an independent source) or 1am (calculated as 7pm CST + 6).

    Mark Mandel
    "The Filker with No Nickname"

    1. That's how he gave it to me a couple months ago. Changed it to Central. He's in the same time zone we are. Bryan lives about 2 miles from us, so I'm certain on his time.

  2. Such an impressive amount of talent in this episode. There always is, but the singing, instrumental performances and the songs themselves this week knock it out of the park!


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